We heard about a location in Ohio, that uh… had problems with the animatronics at night, so I guess there might be a glitch with them, be careful.


The Animatronics are the five main antagonists of Five Nights at Rusty's. They consist of Polaris, Pina, Coriander, Rusty, and additionally, the mysterious Penny.

After hours, they wander about Polaris Pizza Place in a "free-roaming mode". Due to The Spirits possessing the animatronics, they are forced to seek out Lyric. In the game over screen, it is shown that Lyric is stuffed into the empty Penny suit, possibly from the other spirits wanting the spirit possessing Penny to be able to move like them.

Trivia Edit

  • With the exception of Pina, all of the mascots' names are alliterative with their species. Polaris the Polar Bear, Coriander the Cat, Rusty the Raccoon and Penny the Platypus.

Five Nights at Rusty's Edit